Saturday, June 1, 2013

No eating after 8:30 will be hard.

The half way mark. We are almost at the half way mark. At the end of this month officially half of the year will be gone. Crazy speak I tell you. So with a new month comes a new goal(s) and new challenge(s). As some of you may know, I joined in on the Chobani challenge and made goals for the rest of my year.

My May goal was to get more organized and to run less, strength train more. Goals accomplished for the most part. I did not run at all last month and I have been strength training much more thanks to Livefit Trainer. As far as organization, I'm getting there. Slowly but surely trying to make a to do list for each day and complete it. It's hard work sticking to it but I am trying to dedicate myself to it more. So this goal will go over into June. My june goals was as follows:

June: No eating after 8:30 & Apply apply apply.
This will definitely be a challenge for myself.
I almost always snacking at night while watching my shows.
But I am trying to break that habit and stop eating 2 - 3 hours before I pass out.
I also need to apply for internships/jobs.
Currently I don't LOVE what I do and in order to be successful
you need to be happy and enjoy what you do.
I am in the field of Information Technology so the possibilities are endless.
So many paths, I just have to find the one I love
So I can let my inner geek shine!

So that shall begin. The no eating after 8:30 will be hard. I am the snacking queen sometimes.

Livefit Trainer is of course my main challenge for this month.
At the end of this month I will be at the halfway point.
I will stay dedicated to this.
That is what I keep telling myself. I suck at "programs" but this one seems much easily to stick with.

My other challenge is Yoga. Going back to my Yoga a day.
Before, I won't lie, I was doing it more so to post pictures on instagram. Sad right?
But this time I will actually focus on my breathing and seeing how long I can stay in each pose.
Still will post pics of course. Because if there is no pic, it didn't happen.
I really want to get more into yoga.
Find my peace and love my practice.

Any challenges you're getting into for June?
What are you goals for this month?

xoxo, the coily bombshell


  1. you rock girl! it was great talking with you this weekend. :)

  2. Great goals! Eating late is such a hard thing for me to break. I feel like we live such busy lives that eating late is inevitable! Good luck to you! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Yeah It's def is a challenge so far! Sometimes it is inevitable! I try not to at least 2hrs before bed though!


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